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Amazon has released the new family of kindles. Their base model is the all new Kindle which sells for an astounding $79. Buy a new Kindle and you will notice a few things. The Amazon Kindle screen has stayed at the 6 inch size. This great feature allows the Kindle to fit in your pocket. The all new Kindle still has the most advanced e-ink of any e-reader and still reads like paper. The new kindle also still has access to over a million of’s books, magazines, and newspapers. Buy a kindle and you may notice a few new features aswell.


Buy a Kindle and notice the difference.

There are a few new features about this Kindle. As I have already mentioned, the price! you can buy a new Kindle online for $79. click on the links in this article to learn how to buy a kindle This item is also elegible for super shipping which sends it to your door for free. There are technically 2 versions of this new kindle. The $79 dollar version includes advertisements and special offers as screen savers, much like the new kindle touch. If you find this unacceptable, you can order the ad free version for $109. This all new kindle from amazon is the lightest smallest and most advanced kindle ever made. It is currently 18% smaller in the bezel 30% lighter (thanks for the Kindle stats Amazon) and still holds 1,600 books. You can expect the new kindle to be around for a while.

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 The new Kindle from Amazon is built to last.

Buy a Kindle and you may be surprised. It is lighter then a paperback, thinner then a magazine, and has a battery that lasts over a month on a single charge. While the new Kindle can hold 1,400 titles you never have to worry about losing your books. All of your amazon purchases are also stored in the Amazon cloud and available at your finger tips at any moment. This is a feature both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch use as well. Using and buying the Kindle have never been easier.

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