Buy a Kindle Fire and get just another mutant hybrid.

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Buy a Kindle Fire and get just another mutant hybrid.

Amazon has released the Kindle Fire and is ready to cash-in on their new android based tablet / ereader thingy.

Before you read any further, lets face the facts here. The Amazon Kindle fire is not an e-reader and its not a full blown tablet either. What is the Kindle Fire? Could you read a book knowing that with the turn of the page you could Google the things you were reading  about or watch a YouTube video review about the book your reading. Are these distractions avoidable? Could you separate the e reader functions from the tablet features? I sure as hell couldn’t. While the kindle fire is nice to look at and easy to use, it really doesn’t have one clear use.
Buy a Kindle Fire and get a mutant tablet


Lets start by outlining what you DON’T get
when you buy a Kindle Fire.

To get an idea of what it is you have to compare it to other technology on the market today.  When comparing the Fire from Amazon to the others in the new Kindle family, it has nothing in common with its Kindle kin.  Buy a kindle fire and you will notice one big colorful difference.  COLOR! While people have been asking or anticipating a Kindle in color for years, it’s not until now that we have one that we realize the problem with a full color screen. There is no E-ink to be seen. The thing that makes ebook readers easy to read and much like a book is the E-ink. By now, we all know the benefits of the Amazon kindle’s e-ink.  Until now, this has really been a defining attribute and a reason to buy an e-reader from Amazon.  Missing a defining feature of all your competitors could be a dangerous move or daringly smart.  Something else you can forget about is an actual operating system. I know that’s a daring statement but lets look at the facts again. Amazon uses an android-based operating system. But it is loosely based on android at best. Buy a kindle fire and you are getting an aging, smartphone targeted, quasi-version of android. Like a hermit crab, Amazon has used android as a shell in which they built their locked down operating system home.  By doing this Amazon can effectively choose to allow only the best apps on the kindle fire. Optimizing apps and content for the 7 inch screen is the name of the game here and you can bet, with the uber-customized, android-esque, OS, only the best apps for the kindle fire are going to be released and allowed by Amazon. No iFart app on my kindle fire… Hmmm. All of a sudden that doesn’t sound so bad.


Reading the Kindle Fire specs over at Amazon,
there are quite a few noteworthy features.

Buy a Kindle fire and you get a 7-inch touch screen with a half-inch bezel. The Kindle fire weighs 14 and a half ounces and can fit in a pocket. Another interesting aspect is Amazon’s new Silk browser. The browser uses Amazons cloud to increase the browsing speed. It turns out that Amazon will monitor common search terms and use its servers to pre-load content. Apparently this content can be loaded up to the kindle uber-quick through the silk browser. In all honesty, who wouldn’t want their searched content sent quickly to them anywhere on the planet.  WAIT! No such luck. Unlike other kindles, buy a kindle fire and you don’t have the option of world wide 3g . Free or not, its’ not an option with kindle fire. WiFi only it seems.  Along with the option of 3g, there seem to be other common tablet features missing. Buy a Kindle Fire and don’t expect a camera. Don’t expect a GPS either because the kindle fire doesn’t include one. Personally I can’t believe Amazon has neglected to include a GPS. All the location-based apps are effectively thrown out the window! Looks like another half-assed gadget has hit the markets. Whos gunna buy a piece of junk like that.


If Pre-Sales Have anything to say about it,
a lot of people are buying the Kindle Fire.

Turns out, Amazon has had to build millions more kindle fires then previously expected. With all the features this half-tablet is missing, and the reported fact that they cost more money to make then the $199 price tag, why are people buying and going to continue to buy the Kindle Fire from Amazon? For all these same reasons actually. The kindle fire is a content machine.  Watch your movies on it, Read your books on it, and listen to music on it. Everything about the Kindle fire has been designed to serve you up your content in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Sure you can add all the crazy apps you want but the people who buy an amazon kindle fire are doing so to consume content. You are going to buy a Fire because you can watch and read and even buy stuff on the spot. Not only does the Fire cost much less but also the guys at Amazon have now had the chance to boil down and review the uses of modern tablets and ereaders. They have been able to review exactly what consumers want in a tablet computer these days. The amazon designers have had a head start in the ereader market and been able to provide the beast features.


The Amazon Kindle Fire is not a tablet
or an ebook reader.

It is the best parts of both. Content contraption may be a more appropriate title. While every blogger and bozo makes predictions and comparisons between the iPad and Kindle, I don’t hesitate to make one of my own.  The iPod became what it is today by providing content we already owned using technology that already existed but designed and packaged the service in the most simple and convenient way for us, the consumers. Kindle Fire is barely an ereader and it is defiantly not the iPad. It simply offers all the best parts of both, at a third of the price.

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