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If your deciding whether to buy a kindle or not you may want to buy a Kindle Touch. Amazon’s new Kindle Touch is set to be shipped starting november 21. Buy a kindle touch now and get the first kindle with a touchscreen along with built-in audio and wi-fi. Amazon offers a discount for buying a kindle touch with special offers and sponsored screen-savers. The Kindle touch sells for $99 and when your not reading it, ads and special offers will scroll across the screen. This fact saves buyers $40! If you cant stand buying a kindle and having it display any ads from amazon, there is a $139 dollar ad-free option. Like the rest of the Kindle family from amazon, the Kindle Touch started off on a preorder basis and ships on a first come first serve basis.

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Amazon’s Kindle Touch comes with the most advanced e-ink multi-touch display. At almost 7×5 inches and less then a half inch thick, the kindle touch is manageable and lightweight. Another great Kindle Feature is the option of  wi-fi or 3G models. Buying the Wi-Fi Kindle Touch allows users fast connection to personal wi-fi networks or public hotspots. Buy a kindle touch with wi-fi and download boks in sixty seconds or less. The 3G model of the Kindle Touch gives you all the same benefits of the Wi-Fi version and more. Buy a Kindle Touch and get free 3G wireless. Connect wirelessly to the net, just like modern cell phone,  anywhere with no monthly service charges or contracts. Buy Amazon Ebooks, products, and Kindle Accessories and download them anywhere. Shop Amazon anywhere in the world!
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Amazon Boasts a huge collection of books available for purchase and at least 800,000 of these titles are under $10. Amazon also has Free books for kindle. Out of copyright titles are made available as free amazon ebooks. The Amazon Kindle touch can hold 3000 books. Amazon also offers backup on their cloud storage so you dont have to worry about filling you Kindle touch. Buy the Kindle Touch online and Amazon will send it to your door for free. Super shipping applies to items over $20.