Knowing When to Buy a Kindle Can Save Big Bucks.

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Knowing When to Buy a Kindle Can Save Big Bucks.

With the holiday season knocking at our door, knowing when to buy a kindle is important. Speaking from experience, it may take some planning to receive packages and presents on time and within budget. If you want a kindle wrapped and under your tree in time for ho-ho day, there are some things you should know. Listed below are just a few reasons to know when to buy a kindle and how it can save you money.


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These perks include discounts on kindles; price bundling opportunities when buying kindle accessories and last but not least, all kindles are eligible for amazon’s super shipping savings (free). Getting an item shipped to your door free is a huge benefit but there are steps to knowing when to buy a kindle.  These steps start with counting.Counting down the days till Christmas is not just for children and advent calendars. It is a staple in proper time management.  Start with the end goal of Christmas and count backwards until today’s date to plan when to buy a kindle.  You may also want to plan for mistakes and shipping disasters. Lets do an exercise.

When to buy a Kindle:

Your wife or husband wants the new kindle fire for Christmas.  Planning ahead you decide to buy a kindle a full month ahead of time. You know will be at you mother in laws the week before, during, and for a week after Christmas.  You also know you want to buy a kindle cover and a few other accessories for the kindle. You couldn’t possibly have it shipped to your house, as your partner will see the boxes. You will need to have it shipped to your office, which is closed for the holiday season starting mid December. What a pickle!

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Take note of the information we know and start counting back to figure out when to buy a kindle.  A quick check of Amazon offers two shipping choices; 2 week free shipping on the kindle and 3 week shipping on the accessories or 2 day shipping on your entire order for $100. A recap of your schedule reveals that you need to have the boxes in your office no later then the 9th of December.  You may be in for a surprise.
If today was November 25, a full month before Christmas, and you are placing your order now, your options are limited. Counting back from the shipping deadline, in this case the 9th of December, you would just have the kindle fire in time but forget about the kindle cover. This really forces you to pay the extra charge for 2 day shipping. Planning like this may seem overkill but it pays to plan.

“Counting down the days till Christmas
is not just for children and advent calendars”

While not everybody’s schedule is as ridiculous as the example above, we are all busy people. The holiday season won’t slow your timetable any either.  Do your research on your products. Ask yourself “what kindle should I buy?” This Christmas you can apply this planning to all of your gift purchases.

Knowing when to buy a kindle may be able to save you a bunch of money.

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