3 answers to the question “Where do I purchase a kindle?”

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3 answers to the question “Where do I purchase a kindle?”

You have decided to buy a Kindle. That’s great! Now ask yourself  “where do I purchase a kindle?”  There are only a few places you can buy a kindle and if you’re in Canada you will almost have to smuggle one across the border. Outlined here are the three ways you can get your hands on Amazon’s ereader .  If your wondering “where do I purchase a kindle?”, read on.

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So, Where do I purchase a kindle?

How about from Craig’s List? Buy from an online service like Kijiji or Craig’s list and you can save a bundle. Sure your likely going to buy a used kindle but if you do your research and test the ereader before handing over the cash you can save a few bucks to buy Kindle accessories on amazon.  Don’t get burned though. Check the quality of the Kindle and always meet up with a seller in a public place. Think public place like dunken doughnuts; not the ally between your building and the laundry-mat public.

Used Kindle route not satisfying enough?
Still wondering, “where do I purchase a kindle?”

Try going to Best Buy. You can now buy a Kindle at best buy or in stores like Future Shop.  While the big box stores offer the immediate satisfaction of tech in hand, I must confess it is my least favorite option. The benefits of having the kindle in your pocket instantly are outweighed by the things you miss from other sources. Buying a kindle at best buy doesn’t let you take advantage of the great price of buying used. Buying a kindle at future shop means you may have missed out on the great deals Amazon offers.

Where do I purchase a kindle again?

How about from the people who make it. Amazon offers great deals all time and has free shipping on their entire kindle family. Bundle up on your purchases and save more. Buy kindle books and other accessories straight from Amazon as well. Take a look at the technical specs of the new kindle family. worrying about what kindle should I buy will be your only problem. You can do all your research in one place. By purchasing a kindle online from Amazon you get a brand new product, from the manufacturer, shipped to you door for free. Bundle that with ebooks, media, and other kindle e reader products and you can stop asking, “Where do I purchase a kindle?”

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